The Golden Shower

One caller that’s really into golden showers was telling me about an experience he had recently with his girlfriend. She was reluctant to get into it, but he convinced her she’d ultimately like it, so she agreed to try. He didn’t just want her to pee on him with pleasure for her, he wanted to lick her pussy while it was happening. She loves getting oral, so he told her she’d like it. He wanted her to have a very full bladder before they began. He said they live near the beach and it’s private, so she agreed to do it there. When she told him she was feeling the need to go pretty badly, he said they walked down to the beach. He has stairs that go down from his backyard to the beach below.

The both undressed and he got on the sand on his back and she sat on his face and he began to lick her cunt. He said her clit was really stiff and he was sucking on it like a little cock. She said it made her feel even more horny with a full bladder. He said her pussy was juicy wet as he slid his tongue inside of her and tasted her. He then went to suck her clit again, harder and she let a few dribbles of pee out and they went into his mouth.

She loved the feeling of it, so he continued and she reached down and stroked his cock while they were in the sixty none position like that. As she approached her orgasm, she let loose and he was drenched in her piss. He said he’d never been so turned on. She laughed and ten they both ran into the ocean. They rinsed off and then ran back up to shower. He said she’d be open to trying it more in the future since she’d enjoyed it a lot as well.

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