Savoring His Cock

Most men love to receive blow jobs, and my boyfriend is no exception. I love sucking on just the tip of his cock to tease him. Of course he wants me to take the entire length of it down my throat, but I really do not enjoy being gagged. So I tell him the only full penetration he’s going to get will be with my pussy. I lick all the drips of precum off of his meaty shaft and swirl my tongue around. Him groaning and whimpering the entire time. It’s a lot of fun to see a grown man in that state.

It makes my pussy very wet when I’m giving him such pleasure, so I usually love to masturbate as I’m sucking on him. He said he enjoys sixty nine, but I find it hard to concentrate on my own pleasure when I’m worried about someone else’s, so I just prefer to take turns and do it one after the other, with me cumming first of course, since men often lose the desire entirely I find after they cum, and I’m not going to be left in the lurch, so I make damned sure I’ve been satisfied first. I will be happy to see to his cock afterwards.

He’s usually hard while he’s licking me and making me cum, so I know he will be about ready to explode when I take that hard and twitching dick head into my wet, warm and waiting mouth. I love to please him and lick up and down the entire shaft, but I only put the tip in my mouth. No throat fucking for me, just the head and it makes him wild, always makes him wanting more. Keep them happy, but always make them come back wanting more. It’s the right thing to do, your man will thank you for it.

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