Are You a Two Pump Chump?

Needless to say, we phone sex ladies get lots of premature ejaculators that call. The two pump chumps. Many of these guys are calling since they can’t find a girlfriend, since once the woman sees how badly they perform in bed, they are usually not given a second shot so to speak. Some with this condition also have a small penis, the humiliation of the two conditions often goes hand in hand. Though some tiny dick guys can last, and some hung like a horse will still squirt very soon after penetration.

There’s things like numbing sprays or creams that help with desensitizing, but be sure and use a condom if you use them, since if you don’t, it’s just going to rub off on the woman and make them numb, which is the last thing you want to do. So many guys call and ask about this situation, yet they are too lazy to train themselves out of it, which can be done if you commit to it with masturbation and stopping and starting exercises. Some that know they are failures prefer to concentrate on pleasing their woman orally, since the know the cock is not a good option.

Get a bit drunk, since alcohol often makes men not be able to cum, the old ‘whiskey dickie’ has made many a man not be able to shoot his load. Some callers will only ever be one to three minute guys, just how they are and they have no real motivation to change things. One caller that uses a pocket pussy sometimes cums in the first minute of his call, the sensation around his cock is so wonderful to him, he just can’t help himself. If some joker disappointed me like this in real life, I’d make him feel so inadequate and pathetic, he’d slither off never to return or show his face again. Train yourself out of it, get professional help, don’t be a joke to women more than you already are. Don’t be a two pump chump.

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