“Pull it Out!”

One of my callers is into the popular impregnation fetish. He wants me to pretend to be angry when he cums inside of me and yell at him to pull it out, don’t you dare cum in me, that kind of thing. Lots of men love the risky sex scenarios. You do not even have to actually like kids to be into impregnation fetish. Many will say they don’t even like kids, so they do not understand why the fantasy is so hot. Before modern birth control was available, this would have indeed been a very risky thing to partake in, fort he woman at least.

The idea of risk does heighten the senses and emotions, so it’s not hard to understand how it makes it more forbidden to cum inside a fertile woman that definitely does not want to become pregnant. Ignoring her wishes for you to pull out, even though the withdrawal method is anything but safe anyway. Risky things have always attracted adventuresome and sometimes foolhardy men, so the thought of risky sex that very well might result in a baby certainly fits the category. The talk of being fertile, ovulating, not pulling out, breeding and giving you their seed, all of these things can be very sexy if both people are into it and there’s no actual risk of getting pregnant.

Do you like the idea of knocking a woman up? Some of the callers have even talked about being bred by men, not even possible, and yet they have these fantasies at times and share them. There is nothing no matter how sick and twisted that some man somewhere doesn’t fantasize about. They do like to confess their naughty fantasies to we phone sex girls. Do you want to breed a woman but have no actual woman to breed? Tell one of us all about it and we will be good, little, fertile bitches for you. Give us that baby batter now!

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