The Hospital Roommate

Not everyone in the hospital is sick. On surgical wards the people are not all ill, some have broken bones or have had cosmetic procedures they are there overnight for, they are not all in ill health, some are just recovering from a surgery and are not sick. Recently I was in the hospital overnight and nowadays not all roommates are the same sex. The man I was in the room with had broken his arm and he was in traction, and I could hear these faint sex noises. I assumed he was trying to masturbate behind the curtain separating our beds. It made me kind of horny laying there to listen to him.

I’d taken a bad fall and needed a rod and pins put in my one leg. I wondered if he might be able to finish before the nurse came in to check on us. I knew I wanted to touch myself as I heard him doing the same. He wasn’t making a lot of noise but I knew that’s what he was doing. I can be totally quiet when I masturbate, so I knew if I joined him, he’d not be any the wiser. I looked at the clock on the wall and estimated the nurse wouldn’t be in for another hour on her rounds, so I had lots of time.

When I’m very horny, I really don’t need a long time to get off, five minutes and I can do so. I reached down under the covers and started to rub my pussy as I listened to him. I knew he’d likely be aroused if he knew he was having this effect on me and I was joining him, but I didn’t want him to know, so I just stroked myself quietly and made myself cum twice as he was rubbing one out. I was discharged later that day, but it will always make that hospital stay a memorable one.

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