Swinging Tits

Most men love large tits on a woman, the bigger the better is how most of them think. Sure, some might fetishize the small titted, but many want big, voluminous tits they can lay their dick between and get a good titty fucking from. Doggy style means grabbing the woman’s tits and really giving them a good squeeze and pull you back hard onto them with. Sucking them, pinching them, some are even into the whole adult breastfeeding thing. So you fantasize about a huge pair of swinging tits that you can practically hypnotize yourself with?

They are pretty hot, aren’t they. Men that like the woman on top also usually love big tits, since they will be bouncing in their face as you ride them. There’s lots of different ways they can admire them. Not all men want a woman so big she’s cartoonish looking, but the bigger than average busty look, yup, most men adore it. Some that call that are fixated on tits, I wonder what they’d do if a fairly flat chested girl was interested in them romantically. I’d suppose they wouldn’t give her the time of day if she’s built like that in the first place.

One caller was so obsessed with big tits, he said he actually blamed his college professor for him not getting a better grade because her big tits were just too distracting, so he could not concentrate on his studies with her big tits nearly forcing him to watch them. He even spoke of tracking her down years later and telling her it was her fault he did so badly in school, her tits fault. Some men are odd for the things they think like that, but you hear all kinds of things in this job. Some women have big ones, some have small ones. The popularity of breast augmentation shows that most men prefer the big ones, or so many women wouldn’t be getting them.

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