Horny Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving again, I hope I will get to see the sexy young man again this year that I got to know very well last year. I went to a new friend of mine’s home, she knew I was single and alone, and her son had come home from college fort he break, and as she was busy making the meal, he and I snuck off and had some naughty cougar and cub fun. He’d just turned eighteen, and was as handsome as they come, and he said while his mom was cooking, he could give me a tour around their farm and we went off walking.

As soon as we had some privacy, we were in one of the outer buildings fucking our brains out. His mom was entertaining a full house and she insisted she didn’t want any help from a guest, so we had plenty of privacy. His young cock was so hard, I hadn’t had one like that in many years and I loved it. He said he’d always fantasized about an older woman and I was certainly more than willing to play along with him. Even though he was young, he was a good fuck and knew how to use his cock very well.

I loved sucking on it and the sounds he made as I was sucking his cock turned me on so much, he just drove me crazy and he loved to call me a slut and a whore, which I also loved. We were gone for a few hours, and no one even seemed to notice us gone. I didn’t get to see him at Christmas, but I am very much hoping he will be back again and we can pick up where we left off. I won’t even masturbate until I see if he’s there, I want to be as horny as possible in case he is and I get to play with him.

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