Breast Milk Bonanza

One thing callers ask about frequently is breastmilk. Have I ever breastfed a partner, would I do I think it’s normal that they want to. Especially women with very large breasts make men think of this. Breasts have always been popular, obviously. Squeezing them, a titty fuck, sucking on them, but breastmilk is its own little niche that lots of men are curious about.

One called last night that said he was walking in his neighborhood and came across a woman with the largest pair of tits he’d seen in person and he couldn’t stop staring at them and of course she noticed and invited him back home, (this was likely pure fantasy I realize, since most women wouldn’t be inviting some creep staring at their tits to come home with them.) So he supposedly walks back to her place and laid on the sofa with her and she encouraged him to lay in her lap, his head in her lap, and she took out her supposedly H cup sized tit out and asked him to suck on it.

He was in heaven, and then he felt milk coming into his mouth, he hadn’t expected that, and while it was a shock, it was a welcome one, and he loved it and nursed hungrily upon her and said he’s not been able to stop thinking about it and he’s been hoping to run into her again in the neighborhood, but has not, and each time he’s passed her home, her husband has been parked in the driveway, so he knows not to approach her if that vehicle is there. He is now craving more erotic lactation and wanted t know where to find nursing women, I said just to keep trying for the one he knows about. So what one had never even thought of, can quickly become an obsession once you experience it.

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