The Boy Next Door


I’ve been a lover and admirer of younger men for years, ever since I hit my mid thirties, I’ve been looking for men younger than myself to play with. I struck it rich nearly a year ago when the son of a neighbor showed some interest in me and I returned it and we’ve been playing ever since. Usually a few times a week. He was young, and shy and never had a girlfriend, and I’ve shown him how much I love younger men and showing him the ropes of sex.

I thought the young lad would die and go to heaven when I sucked on his cock and he blew his load in my mouth the first time. He’d never had anyone do that to him before and he loved it. He loves blow jobs even more than fucking I think, and I love sucking his young dick and swallowing his cum. I taught him how to lick pussy to make me cum incredibly hard, to flicker his tongue all over my cunt and drive me insane and buck up to his face with my wet snatch, he’s a fast learner.

His cock is so hard it feels like steel, and can that boy last. He doesn’t cum until I tell him I’ve had as many orgasms as I need and then he blows it, fills me up til I overflow with his young seed. His parents haven’t found out yet. Even though he’s eighteen, he still lives at home and they most certainly wouldn’t approve of my fucking their young son, but I am having too much fun. If worse came to worse, he could always come live with me.

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