Fuck My Fat Belly


Lots of guys like bigger gals, they are curvier, cuddlier, something more to love and grab a hole of, but some are really obsessed with the belly. Men into belly fucking, like the bigger the better. One caller of mine likes women 400 lbs or more, he even said he had fantasies of ones totally bed ridden and totally immobilized, they would likely be ones over 500 lbs. Hard to imagine how one would be attracted to anyone like that, but there are things about the human mind one will never understand, the fetishes that make us wild and the things that make us tick deep inside.

The deep, cavernous bellies that a woman of that size would posses, it would almost be like having an extra vagina. No self lubricating on a belly though, so you’d have to really lube it up well if fucking it was your intention. As you can see from the pic, there is no shortage online of pics and porn videos for this fetish, every fetish you could ever think of and ones you never could dream, there’s something about all of them online.

The bigger the lady would be the deeper the navel and more pussy like it would be. If a lady was at the point of being bed ridden and immobile, getting to her actual pussy might be a challenge, at that point, fucking the belly might be easier. There’s many odd things out there in the matters sexual, this is just one of the many perversions out there that some are getting off to. No fear of disease or pregnancy with this way of being intimate, but all the please would be for the man, there’s no clit on the belly button to be stimulated as you’d be getting fucked there.

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