Medical Fetish

One of the odd taboos I have dealt with in some callers is a medical fetish. There was one disturbed man that called that said he had employed the services of three prostitutes. He had no desire to have sex with them though, I was afraid to find out where he was going with this. He then told me he had a medical bag. He hired them and took them all to a hotel room and examined them gynecologically. I was horrified.

I didn’t even know regular people could buy gynecologist instruments , but he said indeed they could and he liked to examine all sorts of different women. I had never heard of anything like this. I asked if he’d been to medical school and been kicked out or left or something and was satisfying something along the lines of being a frustrated Dr. He replied no, he’d never gone to medical school.

I can understand men wanting to see ladies pussies, but the insides? Held open with speculums and such? Wow, there is no end to the weirdness that I deal with from some of these callers.

Some have medical fetishes involving impregnation within a clinical setting, or ones with small cocks like the idea of themselves being photographed, filmed, and measured and observed by a myriad of medical professions to record in their medical journals or documentaries. It is a very odd thing to be obsessed with. Most people don’t like going to the Dr., but then some like to go since all the attention is focused on them, they are attention getters of a very odd sort.

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