A Quickie in the Elevator

My boyfriend lives in a high rise building and although it’s a pretty ritzy property, there’s frequent issues with the elevators and we’ve gotten stuck in them a few times before. Last week it happened again and I said why not have some fun while we wait? We’d never been stuck less than fifteen minutes, so that’s more than enough time for a quickie. He got down on the floor in front of me and I put one leg over his shoulder and he pushed my skirt up and started kissing me over my panties, teasing me. I was quickly growing wet with arousal. He pulled them down and licked my pussy, sucking on my clit until I felt I’d collapse with pleasure.

He then had me jump up and I had my legs around his waist. He’s pretty strong and was easily able to hold me as he slipped his cock into me. There was a bar that wrapped around the elevator, a handle of sorts for ones to steady themselves. I half rested my ass on that and he half supported me as he pounded into me repeatedly. It was a really good angle, since every thrust of his cock into me grazed against my clit.

I knew I was going to cum hard, and it wasn’t long before I did. I screamed out in pleasure as he made me cum. He shot his load into me and we could feel the elevator jerking as it was coming back to life. I straightened my clothes, as did he, and the doors were soon opening to a few people. They gave us a bit of an odd look, I assumed we looked a bit disheveled, maybe they’d heard our sex sounds, I honestly didn’t care. We got to his apartment, stripped our clothes off and went for round two.

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