A Run in My Stockings

I was at work and got a run in my stockings. It happens, I always keep a couple of extra pair on hand for such occasions. I work with the public and not behind a desk, so it would look pretty bad to be walking around all day with a huge run. I slipped into an empty office to change it and was surprised when my boss came in a moment after Id started. He hadn’t seen me go in, or so I thought. He claimed to need a file in the cabinet in there. He saw me legs all stretched out and pulling the new one on.

I looked up from the sofa I was sitting on and noticed him watching me, and a noticeable bulge growing in his pants. He whispered what great legs I had. He asked me if I’d suck him off, that he was so horny and seeing my legs had made him even more so. I was so shocked, then he started to unzip his pants before I even had a chance to answer him. I could see him pulling out his large, erect cock and walk towards me. I needed this job, and I was afraid if I said no, I might be soon out of a job. So I did it.

I took his cock in my hand and started stroking it, then I licked the tip, which was dripping precum. I opened my mouth fully and took in the length of it, which must have been around seven inches. His hand went to the back of my head and pushed downward, causing me to make choking sounds as I sucked on him. I could hear him groan with pleasure as his cum filled balls slapped against my chin. In short order, he shot his load down my throat. I swallowed and he quickly left the office and I finished changing my stocking with the run in it and walked back out to the customers.

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