Hey There, Lonely Boy

Most people assume the only reason someone would be calling a phone sex line is for stimulating, racy conversation to masturbate to, and that’s usually the case, but there are certainly some men that call just to talk. One such caller has been telling me how he appreciates the fact there’s someone there for him to tell about his day, since he can’t really talk to his girlfriend about his deepest, most profound thoughts. That’s kind of sad really, that he has someone in his life but doesn’t feel at home enough with them to have deep, meaningful conversations. That sounds like some kind of superficial relationship to me.

Some people do not even have that, they literally have no one and they are just seeking a human connection, even if they have to pay for it. The same idea as going to a hooker really, they go to the hooker for sex and they call the phone sex operator for conversation. They have no one in their life to fulfill either need, so they pay for it. Is it wrong? No t really, people pay psychiatrists to talk about their problems as well, and the doctor doesn’t talk to them for free either, it’s a service that they pay for.

Just like some would rather pay a professional for their opinion, or just to listen to them, since they don’t trust the motives of people in their life for whatever reason to give them good advice. I always thought it was kind of funny when my mom said she’d sooner go tell a bartender her troubles than a man of the cloth! Hey, whatever works. Some will tell a bartender, other’s a priest, some will find their way to a phone sex line for their sympathetic ear. It just depends on what you’re the most comfortable with.

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