Calm Down, Boy!

Some men are a bit too enthusiastic when it comes to the antics in the bedroom. Many times younger ones without much experience get over excited and simply don’t know how to behave. Others that are older, simply may lack experience and are very socially awkward individuals. Most people are never going to have proper “love lessons” if you will, so people just have to go by instinct and experience. Not all are naturally gifted in the bedroom. It can make sex a comedy of errors when someone is just bad in bed. It’s hard to give them criticism without it hurting their feelings.

Men need to be able to learn the tricks each woman they are with can teach them, to add to their repertoire so to speak. Sex is not a race, unless both partners are looking for a quickie, which is fine, when agreed upon. The two pump chumps are worthless, pitiful excuses for a man that should be mocked and ridiculed at every turn. The same holds true for masturbators, some take their time and sensually edge themselves for long periods, others are over and done in mere moments. Training a man is a lot easier when they are younger and not yet set in their ways, try training a man of middle age and you might as well try to teach a pig to sing. You waste your time and annoy the pig, er, man.

Some let their horniness get the better of them and plough right ahead. I tell guys if they have a new lady, masturbate before you even pick her up. If you’re dealing with a “loaded gun” the chances are high you’d blow that load too quickly. Get it out of the barrel beforehand and not be so over the top horny. Stuff like this is just common sense.

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