Have a Sexy New Year!

New Year’s Eve. Who among us doesn’t hope for a wonderful new year? Sometimes the new year can be rung in with friends and family, other times we might be alone. I went to a party the other night and knew some of the people there, but not most. I really hit it off with this handsome guy and we danced and chatted for hours. Once we rang the new year in, he asked if I’d like to go home with him and have even more fun. It’s not my style to have one night stands, but I really liked him, so I decided to go.

We got a cab back to his place and he offered me more wine and we drank a few more bottles and were feeling very happy as the night wore on. He was sitting beside me and put his hand under my dress and teased me over my panties. I soon was reaching into his pants and playing with his cock in much the same way, stroking his shaft up and down. The precum oozing all over my hand. I soon replaced my fingers with my mouth and was giving this handsome stranger a sloppy blowjob on his living room sofa. He seemed to like my oral stylings, since his groans of ecstasy were quite appreciative.

We made our way to the bedroom down the hall and were soon stripped naked and writhing all over one another on the bed. He placed my legs over his shoulders and was really aiming for very deep penetration and I let him. He sunk that hard, dripping shaft into me and he worked my clit with his thumb as we fucked. It was fun, and I soon came on his cock and then he squirted into me. I don’t know if we will ever see one another again, but we enjoyed several hours of fun with one another, and it was a New Year’s to remember.

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