Christmas Get Together

I was at a Christmas get together a few nights ago and did not know everyone there but it turned out to be a wonderful evening. I went home with one of the guests I did not know. He actually texted me while I was at the table and asked if I’d go home with him. I didn’t want the other guests to know I was going to do that, so just texted back rather than reply verbally. I liked him very much and knew it was going to be hot when we got alone together, which it was.

We left the dinner and went back to my place, which was closer than his. I got up some drinks and we talked for a while before he started kissing me and touching me, his hand going up under my skirt and teasing me through my panties. I was wet as he played with my pussy until I came for him, then I led him to the bedroom where he laid me on the bed and began to undress me. I was naked before him and he stripped and soon joined me. His cock filling my pussy and making me groan with pleasure as he did so.

I wrapped my legs around him and felt him spread me open and his bare cock grazing against my clit as we fucked. I was so wet and slippery and horny, it did not take me long to cum as we rocked against one another. I loved how he felt inside of me, and he suckled at nipple as we held one another. It was a very sexy night. He was an out of town guest, so I may never see him again, but it made for one happy Christmas memory, that’s for certain.

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