My Neighbor Saw Me Masturbate

I had never planned for my neighbor to see me masturbating, but I guess when one chooses to do it outside in broad daylight, that could happen. My neighbors were on vacation though, and they were the only ones that faced my deck. I assumed no one would be able to see me. How could there when the only ones that would be able to see were away? Little did I know the wife got sick and they came home a day early. So I was out in my backyard, soaking in my outdoor hot tub and masturbating, with the water jets, standing up, all kinds of different positions was I enjoying myself in.

Then as I was getting out after cumming, I saw the window blind move. I knew I’d been watched. I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Later that night I noticed a window blind open and the husband openly masturbating, as if he was hoping I’d see him, and I did. My light was off, so he didn’t know I was watching him. It was kind of odd to see. I didn’t really have any interest in him, yet he began to do this and I saw on several occasions.

I started to turn my light on and do the same and we would take turns masturbating for one another in the window like this, yet when we’d see one another outside while in the driveway coming or going, not a word would be said about it. People do odd things, especially if they don’t have anyone in their life or if the one they do have in their life isn’t satisfying them. Masturbation can be a wonderful release. Sometimes neighbors can perform for one another in the oddest ways. It’s still going on.

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