Summer Camp Sins

Lots of people went to summer camp growing up, I went away a few summers myself after being enchanted with the idea after seeing The Parent Trap movie. It made camp seem like so much fun, and it was! Being away at camp though does not mean your levels of horniness change, it can actually be very frustrating to find any alone time to masturbate, something most campers must struggle with, especially if they are only children used to having their own room and privacy and all of a sudden they have several other girls sharing the same room and you’re dying of horniness.

One night I just couldn’t take it anymore, it had been nearly two weeks since I’d had an orgasm and I was going insane, so I decided to wait until the rest were sleeping, or so I thought, and with as little movement as possible, reach down and rub my clit until I came. When I did cum, I noticed one of the other girls watching me and then I noticed she was masturbating as well, we didn’t say a word, but several nights during the summer camp we would wait until the others went to sleep and then do it as quietly as we could, it was quite a naughty secret.

I don’t know how the others managed, it was difficult as hell as it was, we couldn’t have been the only ones that were horny, but getting alone time was damned near impossible. When I got back home I must have masturbated three times a day for a few weeks, since it was so nice to finally have the privacy to do so!

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