What The Yard Man Saw

Recently I was quite horny, nothing odd about that, I masturbate nearly every day, but this particular day, I’d forgotten the man that cuts the grass was coming and I was masturbating in full view of the window that look out onto my backyard. I had headphones on, so I couldn’t hear the sound of the lawnmower outside the windows and I was just rubbing my pussy in my chair, nude, right after having come out of the shower, eyes closed lost in the music I was listening to and the sensation of my own fingers teasing my pussy.

I was dragging my cunt juices up over my clit, driving myself wild, wiggling my fingers on my stiffened clit and working my nipple in my left hand, and I came, explosively and was breathing hard and all of a sudden I looked up and the yardman was staring at me through the window with his mouth hanging open. I was so shocked I was paralyzed and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t need to worry, as soon as he saw me looking back at him, he went away from the window and went back to mowing the grass.

I was a bit embarrassed to have been seen that way, but he really had no right to stare at me in my own home either, so when he came to the door to be paid, I was dressed by then and acted as though nothing had happened. He never mentioned it and neither did I, but I always thought how he saw everything that day he cut the grass. I’m sure he never forgot it either.

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