One Night Stand

I’m normally not one for one night stands, but recently I did allow myself to have one. I’d had a cold for a couple of weeks and they always sap my libido and I hadn’t cum in several weeks and once I was over this cold, my libido returned pretty quickly. It happened to be the first night out in weeks and a couple of girlfriends and myself decided to go to a new club in town and see the band that was playing that we liked.

We had some drinks and were having a really good time and enjoyed the performance when one of the band members came over and introduced themselves and he was really coming on to me and I was not only flattered since I was a fan, but I just knew I was going home with this guy and indeed I did. He asked, I accepted, and there we were, on his sofa and drinking wine and clothes half off making out like teenagers less than an hour later.

I was very attracted to him and I took out his cock and was pumping it in my hand and knew I wanted it in my pussy, I took off the remainder of my clothes and was soon straddling him and then riding him, bucking up and down on him like some kind of bitch in heat, and enjoying every moment of it. He had a nice cock and I was cumming on his cock after grinding my clit against it for a good long while and I then felt him explode inside of me and I loved it. Not many girls can say they sleep with one of their favorite singers, I was hardly a groupie, but it was a fun night for sure. I will have to have more one night stands, they are more fun than I remembered, but then I guess that’s because of who the participants are, as well.

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