Telling Them The Good Stuff

One thing many callers want to hear about is what you get up to sexually in your real life. Many of the women taking calls are just ordinary women, but the callers like to think we are all nymphomaniacs that are fucking anything in pants, and skirts too in their fantasies, so we often have to spin adventuresome tales to entertain the callers. Some of us do have some sexual exploits worthy of talking about though, so many times those are more than enough for the callers to hear about.

We can many times feel as comfortable telling them naughty things as they tell us, things we haven’t told anyone about before, since our current lover or partner wouldn’t understand or wouldn’t approve, so us telling the callers gory details is often just as fun for us as it is for them to listen to. We might think our partners would think us a slut for something we’ve done, but we well know it could arouse a caller and get them going as they are masturbating during the call, so why not share all the salacious details with them?

Phone sex can be very liberating for the operators doing it, telling people things we never have before or sharing a sexual part of ourselves we never thought we would if it’s something a bit odd we know wouldn’t go over well in our real lives. The operators and the callers are many times each getting something out of the call, even if the operators are not indeed masturbating, we can share a side of ourselves with callers ones in our real lives will never get to see. It is indeed easier to be honest with a perfect stranger than someone we know and see everyday. Life can be funny that way.

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