Hot October Nights


So things start to cool down temperature wise in October, but things can be made to heat up in other ways. Take this past weekend for example, I was housesitting for a friend of mine and watching her pets and watering her plants and just enjoying her lot bigger than mine house for the weekend when her hunky neighbor that didn’t know she was away came knocking at the door to return a tool he’d borrowed from her. I hadn’t met him, but with his looks, I invited him in for a cup of coffee.

He was very friendly and nice and I was instantly attracted to him and wanted him to stay as long as possible. We had coffee and some cookies and chatted away and I asked him if he’d stay for dinner, I was just about to order in and I’d love if he could stay, my treat. He gratefully accepted and we had a wonderful dinner and I didn’t want him to leave even after we ate, so I made my move on him and he responded. I leaned in and kissed him and led him to the sofa and he kissed me back and I could tell he was having just as good of a time as I was.

We soon made our way to the bedroom and were undressed and rolling around on my friends bed and we made love like animals for half the night. He had a big, beautiful cock and I adored sucking on it and feeling it plunge into my pussy as he fucked me over and over and he commented on how tight I was and how it gripped his cock just perfectly. He made me cum explosively and even when he left, I told him I wanted to see him again and he said he felt the same way. I was sure glad I’d volunteered to housesit!

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