Phone Sex Conversations


Listening to someone talk sexy to you can be very arousing at the best of times, but while you’re masturbating, it can take things up to a whole new level of excitement. Most men seem to have exhibitionistic tendencies, not just as in being watched masturbating, but many also enjoy being listened to. The heavy breathing, the moaning, the knowing you are turning on another person and having them turn you on in kind. It just makes for a more fulfilling masturbation experience overall.

Many times callers have unusual fantasies that they cannot freely talk about with their wives or girlfriends, if they even have anyone at all in their lives to begin with. A phone sex girl is the perfect person to divulge your fantasies to, since we in many cases have years and years of experiences with hearing other men’s fantasies, so likely have heard it before, no matter how odd it sounds to you. Men more than women like the idea of bringing their fantasies to life, where women are more apt to recognize fantasies are likely best left just that, as a fantasy.

Phone sex allows you talk about something as if it’s really happening, what it would be like. It’s as if for the length of the call it actually is happening, and many things are best left to the realm of fantasy, especially when it might be illegal to actually act it out, but conversations are a safe way to discuss such scenarios as you masturbate.

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