Suck That Mature Dick

One thing some men mention as a fantasy that always baffles me is their desire to suck the cock of an older man, like really older, like grandpa age. People do have their different kinks though, but when a guy in his twenties is talking about a man in his sixties as an appealing sexual partner, you just have to wonder what’s going on. So many call up and say they have something going on with a neighbor, even ones that are married.

The desire to suck cock is very strong for many men, but not all are looking for one their own age, the allure of one three times their age is a strange one, but there seems to be a fair number of older people getting action, so good for them for still having sex of some kind. Imagine going over to your neighbor and he’s watching a porno, but doesn’t ask for you to leave, in fact he asks you in. You’re about to get a lot more than that hammer you came over to borrow!

He’s watching gay porn and has a hard on he hastily covered up, you can see it and look over at the t.v. and he asks if you’d like to stay and watch, and you sit down and you start to stroke your cocks at the same time and then you go over and kneel in front of him and take his mature, cock in your hand and pump it a few times and then start to lick and suck on it until he blows in your mouth and this now becomes one of your favorite things to do.

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