Kneel For Me


A surprising number of men wish to serve women, they want to be dominated and controlled. They seek the sort of punishments and denials we can lay out for them. Cock control and denying a man orgasm can not only be entertaining for the domme doing it, but character building for the man it’s being done to. They learn to rechannel that energy they’d normally spend thinking about sex and masturbating. That’s not to say they aren’t still thinking about all the sex they cannot have, but they realize it’s a pointless waste of time to do so.

Controlling your man and being in charge of his orgasms is a good way for a woman to take the upper hand within the relationship. The use of chastity devices is a good starting point. They will likely balk at first, but once you get them used to the idea of cumming on a schedule, like you’d train a dog to go outside, they become more obedient and bend to your will more easily. It becomes like a reward they need to be trained to have only if they are good, follow through on chores, lists of things to do and orders in general.

That raw sexual energy can be harnessed and put to better use than jerking off to porn on the sly. A relationship can benefit greatly when the husband is kept in line and does what he is told, it’s usually best if they fall in line and let the woman take control of things. No one said being a domme was easy, it takes work and skill to keep a man in the proper order. If you think raising a child or training a dog is difficult, try a man and you will soon see the similarities and that they can be more willful than either.

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