Try Not To Give Up


Sadly not all callers are calling because they are worked up and horny, some are calling because they have no one else and are reaching out to who they have. Personally I don’t mind calls like this, many girls find them draining, which they can be, and are just not equipped to deal with these types of callers that have emotional issues and should likely be seeking professional help for. The other night I had a crying man on the phone that told me he’d been driving onto a bridge looking for a place to jump off. I said think of your kitties, who would look after them if you were gone. Likely his mom would, but I was trying to make him see he was needed.

Once another caller though not suicidal, was in drug rehab and my toll free vanity number was the only one in his drug addled mind that he could remember and and he was using his call to talk to anyone that he knew as a bit of comfort, it was pretty sad indeed. Others will share how once the only person they are close to will die, like their mom, that they plan on killing themselves since they will have no reason to go on.

Most people would never guess some are using phone sex lines as a suicide prevention hotline, but indeed sometimes they do. They are reaching out to someone that’s given them some sort of verbal comfort in the past that can help them in someway, however small to get through their crisis at that particular moment. It can be frustrating to not have the proper medical training to help these troubled souls that are reaching out, but you do the best you can to try and help them see things will turn around.

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