Ohhhh, Panties!


If there’s one item of women’s clothing men are bonkers over, it’s panties. How many guys call up and ask what color panties am I wearing, do I like thongs, do I masturbate while wearing them. They are nearly obsessed with them and often steal ones from women they are around. Not all men of course are like this, but ones that into panties are really into them as a rule.

Some will even call up and wish to discuss brand names of panties and want you to say the names back to them! Sniffing the ill gotten gains from neighbors, mother’s in law, sister’s in law, real moms, real sisters, roommates, you name it, some have taken them. Filling them with cum as they masturbate into them. Some callers are not only into women’s panties, but men’s underwear as well. There’s a caller of my own I watch on cam and he puts on underwear fashion shows for me of his large collection of groovy patterned underwear. He loves wearing them under his clothes and people not knowing about the odd patterns he’s got going on under there.

Another caller loves to have long and involved discussions about men’s underwear. It’s odd the things that turn some on, panties are pretty tame for fetishes, but I guess knowing that the flesh of the person’s naughty bits is being cradled in those panties or underwear is enough to send them over the edge into a sexual frenzy and back again. Its the most sexual garment there is, the most intimate and personal,a and that’s the reason it drives them crazy, it’s covering the parts they wish to see the most!

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