Stolen Panties For Your Cock


If you had any idea the number of stolen panties out there, you’d be shocked. Mother in laws, mom’s of girlfriends, sisters, their own mothers. I hear it all. There’s a hell of a lot of stolen panties being used for illicit masturbation purposes, you can count on it. One mentioned how while visiting his mother in law, who’s in her 60’s, he stole them from her laundry hamper and smelled the crotch which apparently also had urine on it. Charming.

You’d be shocked if you knew how many also did like the pissy crotches, not just pussy juice soaked panties, but ones with little leakage accidents on them. Is urine really so appealing? Really? Apparently so. Even some that have mentioned going down on a woman like when the flavor of a bit of pee remains on her pussy lips. I guess these would also maybe be golden showers fans in some cases. Dirty panties, dirty pussies. One used to say he loved a dirty, fishy pussy. My, doesn’t that sound appealing!?

Some like the dirty worn panties enough to ask if I would sell them and mail them off to them to really jerk off with. Burying their face in a strangers panties and enjoying their aroma, yum yum! I’m sure their wife would be pleased if they found out they were jerking off into her mom’s panties-not! Sweaty, stinky panties, ripe from an unwashed pussy, being caressed up and down their turgid cocks and thinking of the pussy that was not so long ago pressed against it.

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