Erotic Spanking

womanspanking man

There seems to be no end to the callers that are seeking to be spanked, whipped, flogged or paddled. I can hear them spanking themselves with either their hand, belts, the back of hairbrush handles, all kinds of tools. The rubber soles of slippers, that makes a good smack. Others enjoy to hear me clap my hands and simulate the sounds for them. Not many wish to spank me, it’s usually the other way around.

Punishment for indulging in something sexual and getting caught as youngsters, like masturbating, is very often when this started for many of them. Others were just getting punished at schools back when corporal punishments were common and they were coming into their puberty years and the incidents got intertwined, especially if the ones administering the spankings were females. Things were a lot more strict in schools decades ago, so I find ones into spanking fetish are usually older, not common to hear from ones in their 20’s and 30’s into this, the older they are, the more common it is.

It’s just a more permissive society overall, though of course you will always find strict religious nuts out there doing things like this, but spankings were just much more common at home and school decades ago than now. Now it’s viewed as abuse and not tolerated the same way as it was. Consensual spanking among partners is obviously fine, but the root of it usually are coming from past punishments. I think light spanking could be in good fun if everyone wanted it, and you liked being called a bad girl, playfulness is always a good thing.

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