Clandestine Sex Toys


You wouldn’t think in this day and age sex toys would be a controversial item, but in many countries they are. In many African countries the sale of them is prohibited by the government and all import arrivals, if caught, are supposedly destroyed. More likely they are kept by the corrupt officials either for personal use of for blackmarket sales to which they themselves profit.

Several enterprising people though, many of whom are women, are somehow getting their hands on the contraband toys though and setting up small stalls as private sex toy shops and even setting themselves up online. Apparently it’s becoming such an issue, they can’t really keep up with closing them all since new ones spring up just as fast. The governments are trying to control the sexual acts of its citizens in forbidding the harmless toys. The toys neither spread disease, pregnancy, or anything else harmful, but because a sex toy has no other purpose but to give pleasure, it’s seen as a sinful item. I guess that’s why female genital mutilation is so common in such countries as well, as the clitoris serves no purpose other than sexual pleasure, so it should be removed and outlawed.

Sex toys in one form or another, usually dildos, have been around since the days of the cave man, and an enterprising young, or old, lady will fashion one out of what’s at hand if an actual toy isn’t available. Governments have no place in the bedrooms of its citizens, and the outlawing of sex toys is just another example of them trying to exert control over the masses. True, there’s no way they could stop masturbation, all we need is our hands for that, but they are fighting a losing battle in trying to stop the flow of vibrators and sex dolls. Several websites already instruct people from such countries going on vacation how to smuggle sex toys back in with them on their way home. Where there’s a will, there’s a way indeed….

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