Pregnant And Pleasing


For some men a woman is her most feminine and attractive when her belly is heavy with child. I find a lot of guys do enjoy the impregnation fantasy, after all, what could be more intimate than giving a woman your seed and making her pregnant with your baby? That’s what sex was designed to do in the first place. Ones however that seek a woman that’s already pregnant and in the bloom of impending motherhood are a bit more rare to call I find.

Women are said to be extra horny in many cases if they aren’t the ones suffering with morning sickness. Vaginal secretions can also be more copious and pungent from what I’ve been told from ones that have been with a pregnant woman. This is a heady and erotic elixir for men that find this the most arousing time to be with a woman. I had a pregnant friend once and she certainly didn’t feel horny during this time, in fact she totally cut her husband off from sex from the time she found out she was pregnant until well after delivery, I’ve known some women that cut their husbands off for up to two years after giving birth! So I certainly don’t fault a man that seeks attentions elsewhere if he has a wife like this.

Some ladies though do not let being pregnant stop them from having a full sex life, they just need to be creative in sexual positions to find that which is the most comfortable. Some men into ladies that are pregnant may have a mommy fixation themselves and enjoy that aspect of things, the enlarged breasts and darker nipples is a real turn on to the breast men out there. Many different things about it appeal to different fixations of the man, none are exactly alike in what they find appealing.

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