Lick My Ass


I think several guys that are callers would like the above picture so much they very well might get a tee shirt printed up featuring the slogan for themselves. Ass licking, or analingus, seems to be growing in popularity these days as a call request. I’m not quite sure why, perhaps like many things guys call about, they can’t talk about it or share this interest with their wives or girlfriends, so they call up to talk about it.

I can recall one guy telling me several ladies he’d talked into letting him do this and they hadn’t wanted any part of it, but when they allowed themselves to be pleasured this way, they all enjoyed it and asked for more. Lots of guys are also really into rimming. One told me he had his ass regularly waxed to make it even more appealing to the ladies since apparently a hairy ass makes it even less desirable than hairless.

An online sex toy shop I write for has all kinds of things for this, enema kits to make yourself as clean as possible, since showers and baths only clean the outsides, but an internal cleansing gets that clean as well, so there’s no reason not to enjoy such taboo and naughty pleasures if you’re as clean as can be if that is your thing. It is an activity that can be unsanitary and disease promoting, but that’s up to the people involved if they wish to take such risks. It is a growing interest though, I hear more and more of it being requested.

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