Dirty Talk


It always amazes me when guys away on business call me and they have wives or girlfriends at home and a supposedly satisfactory sex life, and yet they are not calling their ladies for phone sex. I’m glad they are calling me, as they are my income, but I do always ask, “Doesn’t your wife/girlfriend like having phone sex with you when you’re away on business?”

Most of them say they have asked and that she won’t. I am floored. This is a man you’ve let fuck you, lick your pussy, had his kids, yet you won’t talk dirty to him on the phone and masturbate together??? I just cannot grasp it, yet I hear this every single week. Many have even said they have gotten them to try it and it didn’t go well, that they were awkward or shy and couldn’t do it. Silly women.

To have a horny husband or boyfriend on the road and you won’t help him out, oh well, more income for me, dearie. I just don’t get it. Talking dirty, phone sex it’s a lot of fun and much more enjoyable than playing alone. To close your eyes and paint the pictures with your words and describe what you’d do to them and them to you, or talk about some fantasies you may be a bit shy to talk about face to face, that’s the wonderful thing about phone sex, you don’t need to look them in the eye. Just lie back and enjoy, talk naughty and rub and stroke your naughty bits!


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