Fart On My Face


Some of us are really into smells. Most however most of us like nice smells, like freshly showered smells, wonderful aftershave smells. Some have an appreciation for the how shall I say, “natural smells” that a body can produce. I have had a few of the “Will you fart on my face” calls recently, though this might be a growing in popularity fetish. Ones wanting not only their face, but their cock farted on.

You’d certainly notice it right on your face, but might not even feel a little puff of air on your dick. These men want to go down on a woman and have them let one rip right in their face. I don’t think I could do it, I’d be too embarrassed! Even if they asked! One said his girlfriend would but was laughing the entire time. I don’t know if laughing is what I’d be doing, but it would be something to remember for sure. For everything out there, someone is attracted to it, of that I have no doubt. Ones into sweaty, stinky underarms, feet, I’ll never forget the one into the unwashed “fishy pussy”, oh boy…

It’s harmless enough I suppose, but a bit different. You certainly do laugh on calls of this subject matter, since it seems so silly. Even the panties that have been worn during the farting are apparently quite appealing to ones into this fetish. So if this is your thing, fear not, you’re in good company! Let ‘er rip!

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