Sometimes callers will call up wearing diapers, I really despise this group and usually decline them. One the other day called up and said he wanted to cum in his diaper for mommy, in the mall in front of a crowd. Lot of stuff going on in this guys fantasy. Spanking, public humiliation, rubbing his pee pee for mommy as she watched. And what is it about me that as much as I hate these ones, he calls me back the next day, he liked me, aww, I’m so flattered!

The comforts of regressive behavior have long been known and this group takes it to the extreme by their going all the way back not only to the less stress filled time of their childhood, but the presumed no stress of their infancy, when literally everything was taken care of for them and they had not one care in the world. They were fed, changed, bathed without having to do a thing, it was just done for them. Some feel guilty about doing the dirty things they do, some even to the point of visiting psychiatrists to see if anything can be done to quell their odd desires.

I sure couldn’t handle a boyfriend into this sort of behavior, I’m just too straight to deal with this level of weirdness. A toe sucker or something not too weird, I could tolerate, but this adult diaper stuff, not a chance. And they know people feel this way, so ones into it are usually totally secretive about it, since they know most women would flip out at the idea of it. So they sit alone at home wearing their diapers and going in them as they get off and cum, very strange some of the stuff that is out there.

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