The Sweetest Taboo


Taboos vary a lot from culture to culture, what is fine in one may be punishable by death in others. I always recall laughing when a client said he wanted to talk about something really taboo, and I was getting ready to tell him another girl might be better for him, since I have limits. I asked him what he wanted to talk about before turning him away and he replied anal sex. That’s it? I said, anal? That’s the big taboo you wanted to talk about? Yup.

Well, I’m totally fine with taking about that and it’s certainly not breaking any rules. To him that was really taboo, nasty stuff. I thought he was going to start going on about animals or little kids or something equally horrible, but no, just anal. It always surprises me when some clients think they are so nasty yet in reality they are quite vanilla and they ask what kinds of things do I hear that makes me think they are vanilla, so I tell them some things ones ask for and some are equally shocked.

It’s all relative really. I think it’s sad some need keep things quiet if they want to avoid trouble. I just read the other day about how a man was stabbed and paralyzed in an attack because he’s openly gay. So sad people are injured and killed sometimes just for being themselves when they aren’t hurting anyone, such a sad thing one has to hide their true self or risk alienation or possible physical attacks.

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