They’re Up In Arms In Germany

Germany is about to overturn its bestiality law, and the zoophiles are having a fit. In 1969 they took it off of the lawbooks and it’s been legal ever since. With 100,000 admitted zoophiles and Lord knows how many unknown ones that have kept quiet about their hobby, there’s a storm brewing in the courts over there soon.

The zoophiles complain that the real problem ones in the government should be looking at is animal cruelty and agricultural practices that are detrimental to the animals well being, not supposedly consenting animals that are having harmless fun with their owners in the privacy of their homes. I can see their point. How chickens are treated is terrible, they are far worse off than some dog that is licking the peanut butter covered cock of its pervy owner. I’m not agreeing with it, but I don’t see any real harm to the animals well being. The chickens are far worse off indeed, and that is the point of the zoophiles as well.

There are apparently even “erotic zoos” and “animal brothels” over there as well for ones that don’t have pets or livestock to sample the wares of. I honestly don’t know how they could have the nerve to enter such a place and look them in the eye in the first place. “Are you here for an hour with the goat, or the sheep?” Good grief…..Even though it seems like an unsavory topic, in another way it seems like a fairly victimless crime. How can an animal let you know such advances are welcome, we don’t want them doing things against their will, but if they are willing and not physically hurt, where is the real harm? I don’t even know how one could draw up guidelines for acceptable sexual interaction with an animal. It seems the German courts will soon find out when the challengers take the overturning of the law to task, as they promise they will.

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