May I Please Fuck Your Ass?

Anal sex is not for everyone. Some find it gross, some find it painful, some find it taboo and forbidden. It is the riskiest type of sex for your health if one of the people involved is infected if unprotected, and for the very reason men love it, because it is so tight, condoms are at even more risk of failing and tearing.

It was for many a way to have sex without risk of pregnancy, yet a few drops of cum could easily drip down onto pussy lips and cause a pregnancy. Penetration is not always required to create a pregnancy. Just a few drops can do the trick.

I recall a few years ago seeing infamous porn actor and producer Seymour Butts being interviewed and he said the reason he got into anal sex to begin with was a girlfriend of his in his teenage years was determined to preserve her virginity, so they had anal sex instead. Now, if I had a teenage daughter, I’d rather she be having vaginal sex than anal sex, but I always recalled the statement since I found it such an intriguing one to make. And obviously he built a career on it with his anal porn.

The tightness, the naughtiness, the feeling that it’s really dirty, is what gets so many guys going. And of course you can have anal sex with both men and women, vaginal sex is only if one partner is a woman, so it has it’s place in gay and heterosexual relationships.

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