Trick or Treat?

I live in a university town with several colleges and universities. I live not far from the campuses. Halloween although is a children’s holiday, many of the students dress up and go to costume parties and some even still go door to door to trick or treat, usually in small groups. It is a bit odd to see young people dressed up and trick or treating at that age, but it’s harmless fun and sometimes their costumes are fun. My doorbell rang and I expected to see three or four of them outside, but there was just one, a young man of maybe nineteen in a sexy cowboy costume. He had a terrific body, and I couldn’t stop looking at it.

He smiled and asked me if I’d like a trick or give him a treat. I asked what kind of trick he’d have in mind. His smile widened and I opened my door and invited him in. I turned out the porch light when I closed the door behind him. He knew I was lusting after him the way I raked my eyes up and down his gorgeous body he so obviously worked hard at to maintain.

He said he’d seen me around and found me attractive, so he thought he’d take a chance and ring my bell. I told him I was glad he had. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom and his cowboy outfit was soon a pile on the floor. He had just as beautiful a cock and I was soon sucking it, it was very hard and was in my pussy in short order, after a few licks. He fucked my brains out until dawn and I couldn’t believe this handsome young stranger had come to my door and was soon after in my bed. You never can tell what might transpire on Halloween.

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