That Magic Touch

My boyfriend has wonderfully skillful hands. The way he massages me and touches me, it feels like electricity on my skin. No one has ever pleased me more sexually. He takes great pride in his skills and boasts every woman he’s ever been with adored the way he massaged and touched them. I would not have believed it possible, but he actually made me orgasm without even touching my pussy. He just has a knack for how to touch a woman and make them respond so well, they cannot help but blossom under his touch. Last night I was lucky enough to be the focus of his attentions once more.

He had candles lit and warm massage oils waiting for me and I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to begin. He caressed my neck and kneaded his strong hands up and down my neck and shoulders. He also gives a scalp massage and it feels so heavenly, you get so relaxed you just want to fall asleep as he’s doing it. He loves to make me cum when I’m so totally relaxed. It really does make for better, more thorough orgasms. That I can attest to.

My body was laid out on the bed as his hands worked their way over me, rubbing me every which way. I knew my pussy must be soaking by now. He sure takes his time getting down there. It’s the very last thing he will do and he usually just slips his already hard cock into me. I’m already primed and ready to go and it doesn’t take me long to cum I’m so aroused from all the erotic touching. To get fucked at the end is the cherry on top of the cake. If only all men were so gifted, the world would be a much happier and more relaxed place.

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