Doing the Babysitter

You never know if a caller is telling you an actual event that happened or just a fantasy in his mind. This caller the other night was telling me how he’s having a relationship with the babysitter of his kids. She’s a high school student and his wife is the typical cold bitch who closed her legs years ago and gives him nothing sexually. The babysitter is cute, friendly, and looking for experience and he is more than happy to provide her with some. It started when his wife went out of town for the weekend and he was going to feel overwhelmed with three kids to look after, so he hired the sitter to stay over for the weekend.

After the kids had been put to bed, they watched a movie together and things began that night. She ended up giving him his first blow job in five years as they watched the movie. He was so grateful for the attention and she’d recently discovered the joys of giving oral sex and was more than happy to try another dick than her boyfriend’s. So it began with that evening and went from there. He gave her rides home many times and they would end up going to some empty parking lot for a fifteen minute quickie.

His wife seems to have no idea, and since she’s not giving him anything, I fail to see why she’d even care he’s getting it elsewhere. So he and the hot teen have been getting plenty of fun and for the first time in years his cock is happy again. I honestly hope for his sake it’s true, men with cold wives deserve some fun. He’s a decent looking guy and is enjoying his current situation getting some pussy for the first time in ages.

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