She Fucked Her Trainer

Cuckold is always a popular topic for phone sex calls. A man last night was telling me how his wife is fucking her personal trainer that has an eight inch cock. He’s gotten to watch them several times, other times he just hears about her adventures when she comes home after getting fucked and coming home with a pussy full of cum for him to clean out. He said not long after his wife began going to the trainer, he said he’d like to give her “private lessons” at his home. So she went there and one of the first places they fucked was with her draped over the exercise ball. Who knew they were so handy for sex?

He said on the occasions the trainer has come and fucked her at home and he’s gotten to watch, the trainer mocks him and says as his dick is just half sliding into her, “this is what she feels when your dick is in her,” then he pushes it in all the way and says, “that’s what it’s like when a real man is fucking her.” He is taunted like this as he rubs his cock and watches his wife get fucked by another man right in front of him.

He does still get to fuck her though, and she asks him, “are you nearly done yet?” as he’s still pumping away, her disinterested and wanting to know how much longer she will need to suffer through it, lol. He tries his best to fill his hours when she’s over getting fucked at the trainers house. It sounds like he fucks a lot of clients from the sound of it, and it’s all sport fucking to him apparently. He makes the ladies practically beg for him to invite them over. So mean stringing them along, like the horny bitches that they are.

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