The Dog Watched Him Masturbate

I don’t get many callers wanting to talk about dogs, because I simply do not entertain them and will not discuss it. One caller however assured me this wasn’t really a bestiality call. He didn’t touch the dog, but masturbated in front of them. It was pretty odd and creepy to be honest. This man has frequently dog sat for a friend of his. The friend owns a female German Shepherd dog and has left him with this trusted friend for several hours on many occasions. What the friend doesn’t know though is every time they drop the dog off, the man watching the dog jerks off with the dog watching as he “watches the doggy pussy”.

He said he’s never touched the dog, but I worry when I hear something like this. He’s laid down next to the dog as well and masturbated right beside the dog. He said he wishes it was a male dog so he could place a pillow on the floor and encourage the dog to hump it “so they could masturbate together.” I could not make this stuff up. He even said he wanted to do a call where I’d watch him on cam with the dog and he’d masturbate and I could see. Sorry, not interested in anything of the sort.

He stares at the dog’s vagina as he beats off and said he gets so aroused, he cums in mere minutes. He’s afraid if he actually did anything with the dog, he’d get some infection or rash and then have to tell the doctor, who in turn would call the police. Good thinking. Leave the poor beast alone. I doubt the poor dog has any clue what the man is doing as he’s furiously beating his dick, or that the mere sight is arousing to a human, it wouldn’t understand such things. It’s a good thing, the dog would no doubt be horrified if it could grasp what was happening and what she was inspiring this pervert to do.

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