Pure Pleasure

My boyfriend is a massage therapist. He is a legit one that does massage for sports injuries, rehab, that kind of stuff, he does not give any happy ending massages to his clients, he’s totally professional. His skills however in our relationship are absolutely put to use. I almost feel guilty having him massage me this way, since I feel like I’m taking advantage of him in a way. I do not massage him back, my hands are not weak, but they certainly are not strong like his are, nor are they able to do things like his do. He said it’s purely his pleasure to use his skills on me this way, and oh, how he has spoiled me for other men.

The first time he gave me a massage, we’d been dating a while and he said he really enjoyed doing it, so not to feel any need to reciprocate back, this was all one sided pleasure for my benefit. I cannot say I minded the attention. He laid me out on his table and had his oils all at the ready. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was sure glad I’d let him do it. I have never felt so fantastic as I did after all he did to me. I laid there and just took his pleasure he was giving me. I let him touch every inch of me, and he sure did. My pussy was wet before he even came close to it. I’d been primed with all the skillful touches and rubs and I was going mad wanting his hands on me.

He finally got to my pussy at the end of the massage and his oiled and knowledgeable hands worked their way over my pussy lips, my clit and inside of me. I was rubbed beyond all expectations of pleasure. I was nearly numb with all the stroking and multiple orgasms he gave me. I was so dripping wet, he hardly even needed any oil. If you can find someone to give you a massage like this, do not pass up the opportunity, you will not regret it.

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