Earning Extra

My friend was laid off of work for who knows how long with the virus. She works in live theater, so that will be the last to open, so she needed a way to earn until things are more normal. She knew I worked in adult entertainment and she wanted some pointers. With her looks and personality, I told her cam was the best option for her. She loved the idea and I helped her and she’s made more in the last couple of months than she normally does in several months at her regular job. She loves to tease guys and she’s told me she loves to masturbate a lot anyway, so performing on cam is a natural fit for her.

She said she’s masturbated so much over the last couple of months on cam, her pussy is really getting a workout. She already had some toys on hand and bought several more online with which she’s been entertaining her male viewers. She even had one of my clients talk to me on the phone while he watched her. Several callers already call when watching porn, while watching a cam girl is not that much of a stretch and he really liked it, even though he was paying both of us to entertain him.

She never thought she’d be so free and open with her pussy on the web, but she’s proven to be fairly popular and now she thinks even when she’s called back to work, she will do this on a part time basis not only for extra money, but for fun. She loves showing off and with her body, there’s no reason not to. Guys have seen every inch of her as they stroked their cocks and directed her masturbation. She’s enjoyed the compliments and the attentions they have been giving her. It’s been fun to dip her toe into the world of adult entertainment.

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