The Dr. Is IN!

It’s pretty sad to think that sexual pleasure for half the population was at one time considered taboo or even non existent in the first place, something women didn’t need, and something “decent” women didn’t have.

Some religions, like Catholicism, see sex as only being for procreation. No other propose. All sex for purposes other than creation is sinful, wicked and should be abstained from.

A colorful time in history was the Victorian era, when most pleasures were discouraged. They didn’t go away mind you, they were just repressed and went underground. To avoid an orgasm being sexual, how is that even possible!? In the Victorian era someone came up with the idea of a female orgasm as being a “cure” for female “hysteria”.

So if you were an upper class lady who was prone to fits, temper tantrums, irrational behavior etc., you would actually be sent to the Dr. For a “pelvic massage”. Yes, absurd as it seems, it is true. The resulting “hysterical paroxysm”, AKA orgasm, was said to calm the nerves, true, and bring them down to a more normal and sane state of mind.

The entire idea seems so far fetched, yet it’s true. If a Dr. in today’s world did this, he’d be sent up before the medical board and likely lose his license. Yet it was going on to relieve the stresses of the women. What good were their husbands exactly? And did it never occur to any of these dames to touch themselves for the same effect? I guess if administered by a Dr., it would be seen as having real medical value, alone, it would be construed as sexual. The entire idea seems crazy to me. But then truth is stranger than fiction…….

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