Taught By The MILF

Although I mostly do phone sex for work, I do actually have accreditation for a teacher, so a few days a month I get called in to be a substitute teacher. I do love the hot, young guys in high school I get to come into contact with. I’m also apt to get away with it, since I’m in and out, not there day after day raising suspicions. There was this hot young man last month. I taught his class for a day and I slipped him my email address. That night he sent me an email that was pretty hot, asking if I’d like some young dick. Needless to say, I said yes.

He came by my house later that night and I sucked his young cock until I was rewarded with that young cum. He was hard again in moments. I pushed him on his back on my bed and stripped him down and was soon riding that young cock and getting filled with his teen shaft. My tits were in his face and he was sucking on the nipples, alternating his attentions between them. I was bucking back and forth against his cock, rubbing my clit against it. My pussy was dripping wet. There’s nothing that gets me as hot as teen dick, and he was really stretching me out with his young dick.

I reached down and exposed my clit even more, holding open my pussy lips, he could see my swollen clit. It drove me crazy to know this teenaged boy was underneath me, fucking me for all his worth. A woman double his age or more. He came into my pussy as soon as I started cumming. I love triggering their orgasms that way. Next week I will likely get called into another school and will just have to see the sorts of young men available to me. I’m sure there will be some yummy specimen.

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