JOI Phone Sex

What is it about guided masturbation, or JOI, otherwise known as jerk off instructions that guys like so much? It’s that they are touching themselves as you direct them to, not how they normally would when they are alone. When a real woman would be stroking their cock, it would be the same thing. They are being touched as the lady wants, at her pace and how she wants to do it. So a guided masturbation call is as close as someone else touching your cock as you’re going to get.

I remember the first time a personal phone sex partner wanted me to try it and I wouldn’t have it, I thought no one’s going to tell me how to touch myself, no one can touch me as well as I can touch myself. I wouldn’t do it. Then a few years later with a different partner that asked me I agreed and OMG, I went fucking wild. If you get someone that knows how to do it and do it well, the proper masturbation instructions can be very arousing and stimulating. It can be very boring and repetitive for the operator though, and not all operators like these sorts of calls or will even do them because of that. Some however do like this topic and give excellent instructions that keep guys coming back for more.

It’s easy in one way, yet difficult in another because of that repetition. How many ways can you tell someone to stroke it up and down? Yet some guys thrive on that sameness. Not all callers are seeking a totally different type of call each time, some literally want the same thing every single time they call, so it can be easy for those operators when they know what the client wants. Are you seeking to be told just how to touch yourself? How fast, how soft, how hard and for how long and maybe a few surprises tossed in for good measure? Call one of the lovely operators on standby now and see what one of us can do for you!

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