Let’s Touch Each Other

This guy I’ve been seeing, he’s really into hand jobs, I swear he likes them more than sex even. I also love having my clit rubbed and he’s quite good at it, so I never turn him down when he wants to play, since I know I will always get a few orgasms out of it at least. He buys me sexy lingerie since he likes to masturbate me while I’m wearing it. He likes that better than me being nude. Last night he asked if I’d like my pussy rubbed and if I’d rub his cock while he did, of course I said yes.

Just the touch of his fingers get me wet in seconds. He knows just how to caress my clit, how fast to rub, and then he slows down to almost nothing, making me beg for him to speed up, and bucking against his hand. He also loves the way I pump his hard shaft, driving him wild, smoothing his dripping precum around the cock head with my thumb, going around it in little circles. He just shivers from my doing that, then I go down and give his balls a squeeze and he groans with delight.

I love to give him pleasure, it makes me happy to make him cum, and he always more than returns the favor to me. I’ve always got his hands down my pants it seems. I’m not complaining. He is a good fuck as well, when he’s in the mood for it, he has a nice cock and knows what to do with it very well.

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